About us

A small online store that provides you the supplies you need for your creative journey and lifestyle since 2017. We have a wide variety of stationery ranging such calligraphy supplies, washi tapes, journal notebooks, brush pens, stickers and watercolor.
We started as Shop Michibu in 2017 in hopes to grow the planner, journalling community as there was a limited access to all the tools and supplies needed in Brunei. In April 2021, we rebranded recently to Mopen Store with a bigger hope that is to provide you a space you need to journal and plan. Mopen means Mau Pen, translates I want pen.
We started with zero followers, with now almost 4000 of you. Can you believe it?
We thank you all for your endless support for the past 4 years with Shop Michibu. We hope you love Mopen Store, as much as we do.
from all of us here at Mopen Store.